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3D Printing an Introduction

IPF 3D Printing

At IPF, we have invested in the latest 3d printing technology, to bring you revolutionary Rapid Prototyping Services. IPF’s  in-house technologies include Stratasys Connex and Connex3, Eden350V, FDM Fortus 400 and the EnvisionTec perfectory.

IPF offer an exceptionally fast turnaround!

With superb accuracy and resolution, IPF 3d printing can open up amazing new opportunities, bringing you closer to realising your final product at an early stage. Our plastic rapid prototyping services include feasibility testing, over-moulding replication and can be produced in a range of colours and durable materials that enable snap fit and functional applications.

All the technology suppliers are developing materials and systems quicker than ever before…

What does this mean?

This range of rapid prototyping solutions means that we can offer the appropriate technology for your modelling needs. The additive manufacturing market (a general term meant to incorporate both rapid prototyping and 3D printing) as a whole has been in existence for quite some time, over 20 years, and for much of that time it’s been a constant battle to raise awareness and in some cases; drag people up-to-date with a technology that not only makes their life easier, but also reduces their workload.

We are your ideal partner...

IPF offer a range of rapid prototyping equipment as a bureau service to it’s clients. Our expertise and experience combined with the utmost care and detail when printing your 3D objects means IPF are your ideal partner when it comes to realising your digital files.

See our Objet technology in action!

Please take a look at our video section on YouTube where you’ll be shown what can be achieved with the Objet technology.
This unique service is offered to produce model prototypes formed from multiple materials, with different mechanical or physical properties, all in a single build.

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