Plastic Machining

Experts in CNC machining and CNC routing. All machined plastic components are made to your specification, using a variety of machining techniques, CNC Routing, Milling Turning, Laser Profiling / Engraving and Diamond Machine Polishing.

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Plastic Fabrication

Plastic fabrications are cemented together using Tensol, UV curing and polyurethane cements to a high specification, with cosmetically perfect joints, whether your fabrication is a Perspex display case, furniture or a light guide. This provides a cost effective method for small batch production across a wide range of industries.

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Diffusion Bonding

IPF provides industry and universities with plastic microfluidic plates and valve manifolds, which are machined and diffusion bonded to achieve clear strong joints, without the need of any solvents, adhesives or cements, leaving channels clean and free of contaminants.

Manifolds can be populated with peristaltic pumps and flow control valves, etc.

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High quality surface finish with multi-material combinations 3D print smooth, attractive prototypes to test the fit, form and function of static parts, moving components or complex assemblies. You can also produce accurate jigs, fixtures and manufacturing tooling.

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12 high performing FDM materials now available

FDM models are accurate and repeatable so they can easily be used for clip fits, screw fits and full product assemblies. Harness the power of 3D Printing while relying on tested, established thermoplastics.

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IPF are a Plastic Machining, Fabrication, and 3D Printing Service

Established in 1969,Industrial Plastic Fabrications Ltd have been established for over 40 years. IPF are an Industrial 3D Printing, Plastic Machining and Fabrication service, with high-end technologies at your disposal. Investment in the latest technology continues, enabling our client’s access without need of investment themselves. Try IPF as your experienced Industrial Partner!

3D Printing

We offer a range of 3D printing and rapid prototyping services to a wide range of industries as well as model makers and product designers.

IPF were the first in the U.K. to offer the Polyjet system as a bureau service and use the latest Objet Connex 500 and Objet Eden Polyjet 350V 3D printing machines, providing fast and flexible high quality rapid prototyping solutions.


We machine plastic components to your specification – for prototypes, small batches or production runs – using a variety of machining techniques, providing high-quality parts, quickly, accurately at a competitive price.

These parts are carefully finished to your exact specification using a variety of techniques including polishing, engraving, silkscreen printing and coatings to enhance material performance.


Fabricating plastic components using tensol and polyurethane cements to high specification, providing a cost-effective method for small batch production for a wide range of fabricated parts.

Plus we form plastic components to your specification using vacuum forming, drape forming, blowing, pressing and line bending techniques, providing a wide variety of parts with a minimum of tooling costs.

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