Machining & Fabrication

Our plastic Machining and Fabrication service use a range of CNC routers, milling machines and lathes to produce high quality plastic parts to your exact specifications.

IPF CNC machine a variety of plastics including Acrylic; Poly-carbonates, Acetal, PTFE, SRBP. Whether your plastic machining requirement is for plastic prototypes, small batches or production runs, we produce highly accurate quality plastic components.

We provide essential parts for the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, auto-motive, security, audio and broadcasting equipment industries.


Plastic Machining

All machined plastic components are made to your specification, using a variety of machining techniques; CNC Routing, Milling Turning, Laser Profiling / Engraving and Diamond tip machine polishing. We provide high-quality parts quickly, accurately and at a competitive prices.

Plastic Fabrication

Fabricated using Tensol, UV curing and polyurethane cements to a high specification, with cosmetically perfect joints, whether your fabrication is a Perspex display case, furniture or a light guide. This provides a cost effective method for small batch production across a wide range of fabricated parts. The perfect solution for all your Perspex and acrylic fabrication needs.

Machining Processes

CNC Routing/Milling

IPF have been using CNC machines since 1980 and are experts in CNC machining and CNC routing techniques.


IPF produce internal and external profiles, creating parts that can be more artistic rather than just functional.

Laser Cutting

IPF’s CNC Laser engraving service for profiling / cutting and engraving of acrylic. Produces clean cut edges and fine details.

UV Digital Printing

IPF have the alternative to silk screen printing, for prototypes and small batch prints.

Diamond Tip Machine Polishing

The superior alternative to buff polishing acrylic.

Fabricating Processes

Diffusion Bonding

Diffusion Bonding enables the bonding of Perspex (Acrylic) with clear void free joints without the use of cements, adhesives or solvents.

UV Cementing

Cosmetically perfect joints for Perspex fabrication.


Vacuum forming, drape forming, blowing, pressing and line bending techniques.