Plastic Laser Welding

Plastic Laser Welding Service

For cleaner, safer, more accurate bonded components with long-term stability, laser welding joins layers of thermoplastics, without additional chemicals or materials.

What is Laser Welding?

Plastic laser welding is a hygienic method of bonding, producing components that are clean and precise, free from particulate matter, residue and scaling. Ideal for the medical industry where many devices are not only clear/translucent, but also are required to meet strict FDA guidelines.

What are the benefits of Laser Welding?

  • Minimal or no flash – Clean and aesthetically pleasing
  • No particulate matter or residue
  • Localized heat input – Low residual stress
  • Excellent bond strength – Long-term stability
  • Hermetic seals achievable – No leaks
  • Adjustability and Precision – Tight tolerances
  • Precise control consistent and repeatable welds
  • Quick – Short lead-times
  • Precision- Miniaturization of designs
  • Flexible manufacturing – Prototypes, small batches and production
  • Welding of complex shapes
  • Removal of costly and cumbersome part features
  • Economical


In a nutshell – for clean and precise joins with excellent bond strength.

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