Simulated Polypropylene

Print precision prototypes that look and behave like polypropylene.

Simulated Polypropylene material is tough, flexible and durable. It enables you to 3D print precision prototypes that look and behave like polypropylene. Rapidly create models to test form, fit and function for snap-fit assemblies and durable housings and packaging.

Rigur (RGD450) is an advanced Simulated Polypropylene material that offers durability and a beautiful surface finish. Use it to quickly build tough prototypes for snap-fit components and other demanding applications. Rigur is an office-friendly material engineered to deliver reliable performance and impressive, dimensionally stable prototypes. It comes in a bright, true white with PolyJet technology’s signature fine resolution and smooth curves.

For added versatility 20 Digital Materials combine Rigur with flexible photopolymers to produce a range of grayscale shades and Shore A values.

Materials Simulating Standard Plastics

Simulated Polypropylene Materials

Durus White RGD430

Tensile strengthD-638-03MPa20-30psi2900-4350
Elongation at breakD-638-05%40-50%40-50
Modulus of elasticityD-638-04MPa1000-1200psi145,000-175,000
Flexural StrengthD-790-03MPa30-40psi4350-5800
Flexural ModulusD-790-04MPa1200-1600psi175,000-230,000
HDT, °C @ 0.45MPaD-648-06°C37-42°F99-108
HDT, °C @ 1.82MPaD-648-07°C32-34°F90-93
Izod Notched ImpactD-256-06J/m40-50ft lb/inch0.749-0.937
Water AbsorptionD-570-98 24hr%1.5-1.9%1.5-1.9
TgDMA, E»°C35-37°F95-99
Shore Hardness (D)Scale DScale D74-78Scale D74-78
Rockwell HardnessScale MScale Mno dataScale Mno data
Polymerized densityASTM D792g/cm31.15-1.17
Ash contentUSP281%0.10-0.12%0.1-0.12

Rigur RGD450

Tensile strengthD-638-03MPa40-45psi5800-6500
Elongation at breakD-638-05%20-35%20-35
Modulus of elasticityD-638-04MPa1700-2100psi246,000 Ð 305,000
Flexural StrengthD-790-03MPa52-59psi7500 - 8500
Flexural ModulusD-790-04MPa1500-1700psi217,000 Ð 246,000
HDT, °C @ 0.45MPaD-648-06°C49-54°F120-129
HDT, °C @ 1.82MPaD-648-07°C45-50°F113-122
Izod Notched ImpactD-256-06J/m30-35ft lb/inch0.561-0.656
TgDMA, E»°C48-52°F118-126
Shore Hardness (D)Scale DScale D80-84Scale D80-84
Rockwell HardnessScale MScale M58-62Scale M58-62
Polymerized densityASTM D792g/cm31.20-1.21
Ash contentUSP281%0.3-0.4%0.3-0.4

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