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3D printing services

IPFL plastic 3D printing services have invested in the latest additive manufacturing technologies in the UK since 2003. This enables us to bring you outstanding rapid plastic prototyping service and additive production services using:

  • Multi-material Polyjet
  • Specialist FDM batches
  • Robust HP MJF production
  • High-resolution SLA 3D Printing

Along with our range of professional equipment comes our broad expertise and unrivalled customer service to ensure you receive the best possible plastic prototypes and batch production parts.

Plastic prototyping service

3D printing is being adopted by manufacturing sectors and industries all over the world. Plastic prototypes are required in countless industries and applications. The time-to-market of plastic products is being reduced by producing multiple plastic prototype iterations of a product in a fraction of the time is used to. Plastic prototypes and designs can now be optimised to fit the function and not just the capabilities of traditional production methods. Now is the time for you to take advantage of a 3D print service in your product development.

Advantages of 3D printing:

  • Popularity: 3D printing is used by manufacturing sectors and industries all over the world
  • Faster speed of service: time-to-market of products is reducing constantly
  • Efficiency: the latest equipment creates multiple iterations of a product in tiny fractions of the time it used to take
  • Adaptable: designs can be optimised to fit the function
  • Range: as well as the endless range of products, the variety of materials that can be used is growing
  • Exotic and specialist materials are now being brought into innovative applications and enhancing the products and world around us

UK based 3D Print Service

We utilise an extensive range of 3D Printing materials and technologies, our experienced technical team are available to assist you with your selection depending on your requirements.

  • Wide scope of post-production processes
  • Rapidly-growing and developing department
  • New innovations in techniques and materials all the time
  • Broad-based technical expertise
  • Our experienced technical team are here to help with your selection and requirements
  • Unrivalled personally-tailored customer service

If you do not find the information you need in our 3D Printing web pages, please give our team a call to help guide you with your choice. 
Speed up your production, forget about expensive tooling, optimise your designs and begin your journey with your dedicated and experienced IPFL 3D printing team today.

How we can help you:

  • Speed of production
  • No expensive tooling
  • Large and small projects
  • Full consultation on all your needs and requirements
  • Sourcing of any materials you need from an eclectic mix of suppliers
  • Individual attention, problem-solving and real solutions from IPFL’s dedicated and experienced 3D printing team

Plastic prototyping service

IPFL is a one-stop shop for your plastic prototypes and batch production projects.

Need advice?

Call 01992 893231 for friendly and experienced help.

Need a Quotation?

All parts are quoted to client specification by a person, not an algorithm and are generally provided in under 24 hours.

To help us help you, please send preferably a step file along with a PDF detailing, sizes, tolerances, materials, and finishes required, plus detail any features that need particular attention.