3D Print Production

3D print production?

Production runs with 3D printing have never been more accessible. Through speed, costs and material performance many benefits can be had from creating parts through additive technologies rather than traditional methods.

While traditional methods still have their place within the manufacturing industry, additive production (or 3D print production) can be an excellent alternative or supporting process for many projects.

What are the benefits of 3D print production?

  • ¬†Low cost design validation pre-production
  • Optimised design – design for purpose and not be limited by production methods
  • Component consolidation – remove assembly work and reduce supply chain
  • Produce on-demand – hold less stock
  • Customise products on mass
  • No expensive tooling
  • Up issue design with no additional fees
  • Specialised materials for custom applications
3d printed enclosure
3D print production
3d printed insoles
FDM 3d printer

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