Agilus30 (Flexible) FLX935, FLX985

Superior, rubber-like Polyjet photopolymer available in Grey, black, white and translucent. Agilus enables you to simulate a wide variety of finished products, from soft-grip handles to footwear.
and realistic but also durable enough to be used for design verification and testing.

Rubber-like material is useful for many modelling applications including: Exhibition and communication models, rubber surrounds and over-moulding, soft-touch coatings and nonslip surfaces for tooling or prototypes knobs, grips, pulls, handles, gaskets, seals, hoses and footwear. These excellent heat resistant materials can be combined with other materials to achieve specific Shore A hardness values, colours and textures for maximum versatility.


    • Various Shore A hardness

    • High elongation at break

    • High tensile strength

    • Excellent tear resistance


  • Available in clear and black in a wide range of ShoreA hardness

  • Combined with rigid materials to create rubberlike digital materials with varying colours and opacities


  • Provides new levels of rapid prototype design verification along with multi material (rigid/flexible) designs


  • Accurately simulating the look, feel and function of rubber-like products

  • Pre-injection moulding design testing

  • Fast iteration clarification

  • Functional prototypes

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