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HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

3D Printing and Fabrication of Ventilator components

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Manufacturing Ventilator Components

High-performance ventilators play a vital role in the management of patients in critical care with severe respiratory illness, such as the coronavirus, COVID-19. Ventilator component manufacturers are part of a crucial supply chain in the medical industry supplying ventilation units to hospitals and medical centres across the UK and Europe. These ventilators will help people in intensive care units in the critical stages of Covid-19 by maintaining their respiratory function.

Ventilator components can be manufactured using various highly specific techniques, designs and materials.The coronavirus sparked urgent requirements for innovative reusable and disposable designs which could be rapidly produced and in large quantities. 3D Printing PA12 parts made through HP Multi Jet Fusion are particularly suited to these requirements.

Over 50 years supplying the medical industry

IPFL have been part of the medical devices supply chain, collaborating with clients in the medical industry manufacturing medical devices for over 50 years. We are experts in providing highly accurate devices, crucial for medical equipment that undergo rigorous regulatory testing and approval. IPFL are also working tirelessly to provide fabricated pneumatic manifolds, for scientific analysis and chemical mixing, requiring complex internal track features.

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