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 “Icarus Had a Sister” by artists Masters & Munn, André Masters and his partner, CJ Munn.

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 “Icarus Had a Sister” by artists Masters & Munn, André Masters and his partner, CJ Munn

IPFL collaborated with renowned artists `Masters and Munn`, who create bespoke sculptures and objets d’art for landscape and interiors.

Masters and Munn approached IPFL with a vision of creating an angel like sculpture they had named ‘Icarus had a Sister’. IPFL worked with them to help bring their vision to life by 3D printing hundreds of delicately detailed feathers that made up the wings for ‘Icarus had a Sister’

Over 200 feathers were created via digital sculpting from Alex Down and Masters and Munn, then printed in 30 micron layers using VeroClear on IPFL’s in-house Polyjet 3D Printers. They then went through the intricate process of support removal at IPFL to reveal highly detailed extremely delicate feathers.


Traditional sculpting skills meeting high-end 3D printing technology

Once combined the feathers were sent to another member of the team Creative Coatings, where they were coated with a beautiful real copper veneer with hand-applied verdigris patina. Interestingly, the unique “nicks” in the feathers were not 3D modelled; they were simply added manually after the 3D print using traditional sculpting methods, then assembled and attached to the body. Once the piece started to take shape, it wasn’t difficult to see that something very special was forming. *Credit Fabaloo 

` It was a perfect collaboration of traditional sculpting skills meeting high-end 3D printing technology. ` – IPFL

André and CJ admitted that initially they feared that 3d printing would take over and consume everything they had trained and become expert in. But came to realise how they could use it to enhance their skills. The 3d Printing process is at its most powerful and inspiring when combined with traditional skills, Icarus proves what can be achieved when a team of talent is formed and works together to produce something so unique and special.

Andre quotes; `A hybrid of traditional sculptural techniques and state-of-the-art digital modelling and 3D printing, she has been built with the aim of inspiring other traditional artists to adapt and embrace new technology in their work, rather than to fear it; to create objects of beauty and awe that until now were impossible to build in the real world, and to continue to learn and develop, remaining as fluid as the constantly changing world in which we live`

The finished piece is striking, inspiring and a great reward

Back in 2013, the striking piece went on display at the 3D print show based at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. Icarus was certainly one of the highlights of the Art section that went on to win the “Rising Star” award and was then invited to be shown at the exhibition centre at the prestigious Louvre Gallery in Paris.

The finished piece is striking, inspiring and a great reward for everyone who was involved.


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