3D Printing and Fabrication of Ventilator components

Medical ventilator component manufacturers

Manufacturing Ventilator Components High-performance ventilators play a vital role in the management of patients in critical care with severe respiratory illness, such as the coronavirus, COVID-19. Ventilator component manufacturers are part of a crucial supply chain in the medical industry supplying ventilation units to hospitals and medical centres across the UK and Europe. These ventilators […]


IPF LTD Connex3 500, full colour 3d printer, multi-material 3d printing polyjet technology from stratasys

Throwback to when our; OBJET500 CONNEX3 THE WORLDS FIRST MULTI-MATERIAL COLOUR 3D PRINTER – INSTALLED AT IPF! IPF 3D Printing Service Bereau are the first in the UK to have the new Connex3 Polyjet 3D Printer fully operational. Unit 73 had quite a large delivery last week when a sizable wooden box arrived from Stratasys. Our brand […]