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Throwback to when our;


IPF 3D Printing Service Bereau are the first in the UK to have the new Connex3 Polyjet 3D Printer fully operational.

Unit 73 had quite a large delivery last week when a sizable wooden box arrived from Stratasys. Our brand new Connex3 still in its wrapping, was carefully unloaded and placed in our unit along with our family of Stratasys printers, including Objet500 Connex, FDM and Eden350.

Our new toy was then installed with the required software and ready to run its first print. Programmed with an array of colourful IPF casino chips, all that was needed was for the Head of IPF 3D Printing to press go! The result was of an astonishing colour range.

IPF’s 3D Printing was asked by Stratasys to attend the ‘Develop 3D Live show`on Tuesday 15th April at Warwick, so after we ran various multi-coloured and multi-material prints to exhibit at the show, and packed up our Connex3, we travelled to Warwick to educate, inform and answer any questions attendees may have.

Detail on the Connex3:

A Colour Multi-material 3D Printer from Stratasys, is the world’s first 3D printer to combine colours with multi-material 3D printing, creating a Rigid opaque finish.

With a wide range of advanced material options, and dozens of material composites, the Connex poses an unparalleled advantage in product development. A flexible range of 7 different shore hardness’s combined with an even stronger digital ABS in one build.

Brilliant Colour

  • Allows us to 3D print models in as many as 46 colours into a single prototype, from jet black to bright yellow to magenta and hundreds of beautiful blended in-between.

Digital ABS, now with the flexible range:

  • Six composite materials mix Digital ABS (KryptonIvory) with Rubber-like Tango Black Plus Material to represent a variety of `Shore A` values with great durability.

No Assembly!

The Connex3 produces intricate 3D models using a composite of materials and vivid colour – no assembly required!

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