Plastic Forming with IPF.

IPF form plastic components to your exact specification using vacuum forming, drape forming, blowing, pressing and line bending techniques, providing a wide variety of parts with a minimum of tooling costs.

Vacuum Forming

Also known as thermoforming, is the process of heating an acrylic sheet to its forming temperature, placing over a mold, vacuum drawn through allowing the sheet to take shape. Then slowly cooled, and released.

Drape Forming

IPF offer this process of heating acrylic to forming temperature, and draping over a cold mold to take its shape.

Line Forming

A method of forming a sharp bend in the acrylic sheet. The radius of the bend can be controlled by adjusting the width of the heated area.

Blow Forming & Pressing

Clamping heated acrylic sheet onto a mold and applying compressed air. This method can be reversed by drawing the sheet into a chamber using vacuum pressure.

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