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Electronics manufacturers

IPFL provide the very best in prototyping and production solutions for custom electronic enclosures and casings. With our adaptable production services in 3D printing, machining and fabrication, you can reduce your time to market with high-quality production runs and prototypes.

We cater for various applications in electronic manufacture, including jigs & fixtures, handheld enclosures & casings, cabinets manufacture, PCB mounts, clips and fittings. Our selection of materials and processes is incredibly extensive, including static dissipative and hard-wearing polymers, which are ready to accommodate the most demanding of applications.

As a leading UK prototyping and plastic production service, IPFL will work closely with you to guide your design features, as well as help you select the best technology and material for your requirements. You’re more than welcome to get in touch today and start discussing your requirements.

IPFL is a one-stop shop for your prototyping and batch production projects.

Need advice?

Call 01992 893231 for friendly and experienced help.

Need a Quotation?

All parts are quoted to client specification by a person, not an algorithm and are generally provided in under 24 hours.

To help us help you, please send preferably a step file along with a PDF detailing, sizes, tolerances, materials, and finishes required, plus detail any features that need particular attention.