Medical and pharmaceutical

IPF have aided advancements in the medical and pharmaceutical sector since 1969, offering precision and quality second-to-none. Our diffusion bonding and laser welding processes, developed in-house, allow for the miniaturisation of manifolds and microfluidic plates. These are especially utilised for drug formulation, drug delivery and drug screening applications as well as fluid and gas analysis.

IPF ltd’s 3D printing, machining and fabrication services also play a large role in developing medical and clinical diagnostic equipment, laboratory equipment, point of care, dialysis machines, patient monitoring, and critical care systems.

IPF ltd work very closely with our clients and can offer research and development in an industry where iteration development is inevitable, but can also be minimised.
By utilising 3D printing technologies at early stage development, products can be produced, tested and adjusted quicker than ever before.

This could be critical in bringing your product to market and saving lives.
3D printing and machining services both utilise biocompatible materials ideal for functional testing and end use parts such as prosthetics, surgical aids and point of care products. Get in touch today to start discussing your requirements.

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