Product development

Product development goes hand in hand with plastic prototyping and manufacturing. IPF has dealt with countless companies since 1969, developing products for a wide spectrum of industries from medical to industrial, artworks to scientific instrumentation.

With IPF ltd, you can take your product from design to production and by utilising extensive 3D printing technologies and materials this can be done faster than ever.
Develop product iterations faster and simulate multi-material over moulded parts via Polyjet 3D printing.

Utilise tool-free prototypes and production runs in true, final product thermoplastics with HP MJF and FDM.
At IPF ltd, we pride ourselves on high quality parts so that you can have faith your project is on the right track with precise and effective production.

We utilise rapid prototyping, machining and fabrication with a large range of technologies and materials to ensure your product is developed quickly and efficiently. Multiple iterations of parts can be 3D printed within one build, allowing for faster testing times and therefore a faster route into production. Bring your product to market faster with the services from IPF ltd. Get in touch today to start discussing your requirements.

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