Prop Manufacture

Prop manufacture

Additive manufacturing has become crucial for the development of props and costume design within the film and TV industries. Our extensive 3D printing expertise has been utilised by studios, film-makers, designers and model-makers, to help bring fictional worlds to life on screen. This can also be seen with real-world artefacts such as the Khosro Cup, (a stunning vessel of gold, garnet, glass and crystal that belonged to a sixth-century Sasanian Persian emperor) which was replicated by the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford using IPFL’s guidance and 3D printing services.

Unique and high-quality models can be produced by IPFL’s 3D printing and machining divisions as one-off prototypes or as batch-produced parts. Let us know what is in your imagination, and we will help you bring it into reality.

IPFL is a one-stop shop for your prototyping and batch production projects.

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Call 01992 893231 for friendly and experienced help.

Need a Quotation?

All parts are quoted to client specification by a person, not an algorithm and are generally provided in under 24 hours.

To help us help you, please send preferably a step file along with a PDF detailing, sizes, tolerances, materials, and finishes required, plus detail any features that need particular attention.