Batman TCT show 2014 IPF 3D PrintingIPF are attending EuroMold this week;

The largest Prototyping and mould making trade fair in Europe where all the major players in additive manufacturing such as; 3D Systems, Voxeljet, EOS plus many more, exhibit and release all the latest developments in their technologies. IPF are a regular visitor to this show, our main aim is to keep up to date on the latest developments not only within 3D printing but also CNC machining. EuroMold is always the first place to learn about the latest developments in the industry and IPF always have an eye on investment in future technologies.

In 2013, the world fair for mold making, tooling, design and application development was again an extremely popular event attracting over 58,000 attendees from 83 countries. Attendees to EuroMold are usually a mixture of professionals from the auto-mobile, mechanical, engineering, electrical, medical, aviation, aerospace and construction industries.

Attendees flock to the popular event which takes place in Frankfurt Germany, to see fascinating and revealing exhibits from mould construction, rapid prototyping, machine tools and software developments. Although IPF don’t exhibit at Euromold, we often have a presence. Last year Stratasys borrowed IPF’s Batman model, which shows off not only a smooth surface finish but the ability to print in rigid and flexible material combinations in a single build. Also the tough durable and impact resistant digital ABS (DMAB)

Through the years that IPF have been visiting, we have seen many printer launches; the Objet Connex system,  Objet 1000, the 3D Systems Projet machine, and last year the Connex3. IPF were the first to offer a professional Connex service and this year again, the Connex3; a 3D printer with the ability to combine 3 materials together that in turn offer 45 different materials in a single build.

A few years ago IPF treated Objet with some models of our personalised steering wheel CAD design, reducing the scale of the design over and over again. Its one of our favourite videos and Sam Green explains perfectly why our 3D Printers are best satisfied for applications such as this;

So, what to expect this year:

  • Stratasys launching an unprecedented 11 new systems, Connex1, 2, and 3, and the Fortus range,
  • Objet30 prime desktop
  • A true soluble support with the new Objet Eden 260vs
  • There may even be more information about HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer:

There will also be announcements from all the big hitters and developments from the consumer end, such as; Makerbot, Ultimaker, Formlabs and too many others to mention.Its going to be an exciting show and were expecting lots of new 3D Printing systems and materials that all aid a busy service bureau in offering a fast print on demand service.


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