Back Lenovo YOGA home cad data for the 3D Printed advert

British Production and film company Blinkink came to us with a concept which had never been attempted before – taking stop-go animation to the realm of 3D printed parts. The concept of a ‘Minature Domestic landscape’ were to feature in an advert for Lenovos “Goodweird” campaign promoting their impressive line of Yoga laptops, booklets and tablets.

Although the concept seemed simple enough, the execution and logistics of the project took some great planning. IPF were on hand to advise on the feasibility of 3D printing thousands of delicate pieces including a miniature house and garden, plus furnishings for the shoot.

Even though the pre-processing of all the 3D files was reasonably laborious it was nothing compared to the production stage.

Choosing Polyjet printing material `Rigid Opaque` (VeroGray) to achieve the desired finishing, our team of Stratasys Polyjet printers including a Connex3 500, Objet2 500’s and an Eden350 from Stratasys, were prepped and ready to print the Goodweird set pieces.

The 3D Printers ended up running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for four weeks so that we could hit our deadline. This meant that even if the build finished at an ungodly hour, someone had to be here to remove the parts, and set off the next print.

Of course, with all that printing comes a lot of support removal. With our highly skilled and dedicated team (of up to 8 employees at one point), the detailed scenes slowly started coming together as the support material was delicately picked away, using tooling and occasionally jet washing when anything was sturdy enough to handle the pressure.

“For this type of project to be produced in any other method would have been completely unfeasible as the sheer volume of parts required was tremendous. We literally produced thousands of parts over a four-week period,” said Adam Bloomfield, 3D Print Manager at IPF.

The staff at IPF could not have performed better providing an outstanding quality as well as a massive volume of parts.

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