Plastic Machining Ultem

What is Ultem?

Ultem or Polyetherimide (PEI) has gained great popularity in recent years mostly due to the uptake of use by industrial, automotive, aerospace and medical industries. This material has very good properties ranging through excellent chemical resistance and high heat deflection. It can also be used in machining as well as 3D printing technologies.


  • High chemical resistance
  • High heat deflection
  • Rigidity
  • Bio-compatibility
  • Flame rated


 In the cases of manifolds and fluidic plates, acrylic does not always perform as required which is where Ultem can provide a solution. The high performing material is also perfect for medical applications that need sterilisation and the heat deflection that come with Ultem. furthermore, the utilisation of 3D printed Ultem removes requirement for expensive tooling, lowering costs and speeding up product development times.
plastic machined ult em fluidic plate
Ultem 3d printing service using FDM
ultem 3d printed

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