FDM Ultem 9085

Expand the use of 3D printing into applications that demand high thermal and chemical resistance.

ULTEM™ 9085 resin is a flame-retardant high-performance thermoplastic for digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping. It is ideal for the transportation industry due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and its FST (flame, smoke and toxicity) rating. This unique material’s certifications make it an excellent choice for the commercial transportation industry – especially aerospace, marine and ground vehicles. Combined with a Fortus® 3D Production System, ULTEM 9085 allows design and manufacturing engineers to produce fully functional parts that are ideal for advanced functional prototypes or end use without the cost or lead time of traditional tooling.

With a reputation for reliability, this famously overachieving thermoplastic has well-rounded thermal, mechanical and chemical properties that make it a top choice for many advanced applications.

ULTEM 9085 is an FDM thermoplastic ideal for aerospace, automotive and military applications because of its FST rating, high strength-to-weight ratio and existing certifications. It empowers design and manufacturing engineers to 3D print advanced functional prototypes and production parts. ULTEM 9085 expands the use of 3D printing into applications that demand good thermal and chemical resistance. Advanced applications include functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and low-volume, high-value production parts. Available in black or tan and uses breakaway support material.


  • Heat resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Strong and durable with outstanding tensile and flexural strength
  • Dimensionally stable


  • Available in Black


  • Flame retardant plastic
  • Excellent strength


  • Aerospace components
  • Automotive parts including housings, ducts and semi-structural components
  • Advanced functional prototypes
  • Production parts


Tensile strength ASTM D-638 MPa (xy/z)

SLA Clear50-56
FDM ASA33/30

Elongation at break ASTM D-638 % (xy/z)

FDM TPU552/482%
Polyjet Agilus220-270%
HP MJF TPU220/120%
Polyjet Vero10-25%
SLA Clear8-15%
FDM ASA5.9/1.8%
FDM Ultem 90855.8/2.2%

Izod Notched Impact ASTM D-256 J/m (xy/z)

Polyjet Agilusuntested
HP MJF TPUuntested
FDM ABS-M30101/32
FDM ASA43/24
SLA Clear20.5