Polyjet Vero

Realistic prototypes that look like your end products.

Combining dimensional stability and fine detail, Rigid Opaque materials are a key component in realistic prototypes that look like your end products, and fit-for-purpose tooling that moves you into production faster.

Rigid Opaque photopolymers provide excellent detail visualization in grey, black, white and blue as well as magenta, cyan and yellow on our Connex3 500. 3D print smooth, attractive prototypes to test the fit, form and function of static parts, moving components or complex assemblies. You can also produce accurate jigs, fixtures and manufacturing tooling.


  • Rigid
  • Opaque Multiple Colours
  • Dimensionally stable


  • Available in multiple colour combinations; Black, white, clear, blue, grey, magenta, cyan, yellow etc.
  • Combine with flexible materials


  • Versatile
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Quick iteration evaluation
  • Create moving assembled parts in one print
  • Accurate jigs and fixtures


  • Form, fit and function prototypes
  • Marketing models
  • Silicon moulding
  • Manufacturing tooling
  • Moving parts and assemblies


Tensile strength ASTM D-638 MPa (xy/z)

SLA Clear50-56
FDM ASA33/30

Elongation at break ASTM D-638 % (xy/z)

FDM TPU552/482%
Polyjet Agilus220-270%
HP MJF TPU220/120%
Polyjet Vero10-25%
SLA Clear8-15%
FDM ASA5.9/1.8%
FDM Ultem 90855.8/2.2%

Izod Notched Impact ASTM D-256 J/m (xy/z)

Polyjet Agilusuntested
HP MJF TPUuntested
FDM ABS-M30101/32
FDM ASA43/24
SLA Clear20.5