NEO450s SLA 3D Printing Service at IPF Ltd

Published - 8th Oct 2020

Remarkable surface quality, Unrivalled accuracy, Exceptional detail.

It is with great excitement that IPF can announce superior SLA parts with the brand new NEO450s.

As the first NEO450s service in the UK, the SLA system at IPF ltd boasts remarkable surface quality, and detail for parts up to 450 x 450 x 400mm. As an open resin system, materials for a range of applications can be utilised to produce prototypes, props, rapid tooling and master patterns. The 3- axis scanning system coupled with advanced software, allows the new NEO to create complex geometries and finely detailed parts;

  • Remarkable surfaces for clarity and finish
  • Unrivaled precision across the full production area
  • Exceptional details and complex geometry
  • Faster part production

The NEO is a technically advanced piece of equipment which significantly elevates the production power at IPF. Parts produced can now mirror the accuracy and surface finish of injection molding, creating secure and reliable components. The NEO 450s will be a welcome addition to IPF’s already diverse manufacturing service and benefit our clients greatly.

SLA parts printed on IPF's NEO450s from RPS SLA 3d printer


“We are thrilled that IPF Ltd is one of the first within the industry to invest in a Neo450s.  With IPF’s impressive experience within the plastics industry, we know that they will utilise the Neo450s and provide more 3D printing solutions and applications for their customers, for business success” – David Storey, Director of RPS

“The NEO450s will be a welcome addition to IPF’s already versatile and diverse service. Exceptional part quality and production speed really showed us that RPS has created a solution that would fit perfectly into the IPF family.” – Adam Bloomfield, IPF ltd 3D Printing Manager



The NEO450s adds to the  manufacturing capabilities at IPF sitting alongside HP Multi Jet fusion, Stratasys Polyjet & FDM 3D printing technologies as well as CNC machining, fabrication, laser welding and diffusion bonding. Established in 1969, IPF use an extensive range of specialist materials serving a wide-ranging set of applications and industries including medical, defence, product development, props, motorsport & scientific industries.

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