The new `Agilus30` flexible material simulant now available at IPF

Apr 19, 2017 | Blog

Agilius30 polymer – 3D prints “Flexible” components

One of the latest generations of materials from Stratasys, Agilus30 can be used to create 3D printed parts that offer realistic rubber-like qualities of flexibility and durability. The new material has numerous applications in medical technology, either for prototyping or in component production.

Available in black and translucent, the new material family is ideal for modelling parts for design verification and testing, or to create flexible components of production quality. Due to a tear resistance of up to 7kg per cm and elongation of up to 270%, components created in Agilus30 are able to withstand repeated flexing and bending. Agilus30 can be used to simulate rubber over-moulding or a huge variety of functional parts such as living hinges, hoses, seals and gaskets, knobs, grips, pulls, and handles. It has excellent heat resistance and can be combined with other materials to achieve specific Shore A hardness values, colours and textures for maximum versatility.

New 3D print material from IPF extends possibilities for medical technology applications

The Benefits of NEW Rubber-like Agilus30 Material

  • Simulates the look, feel and function of real rubber
  • Shore A value of 30 in two colours; clear or black
  • Flexible
  • Durability allows for functional testing
  • Finished product realism
  • Agilus30 is ideal for use in 3D printing rubber surrounds, overmoulds, soft-touch coatings, living hinges, jigs and fixtures, wearable, grips and seals with improved surface texture.

Coming up…

IPF look forward to exhibiting the new material at Med-Tech Expo 26th & 27th April, Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

Come along – and visit us on stand 9! …or contact us for free advice and assistance.

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