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IPFL’s Newest Material: Tough Carbon Black

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IPFL’s Newest Material: Tough Carbon Black

Exploring the robust capabilities of Tough Carbon Black for micro 3D printing, this material is revolutionizing industries with its remarkable strength, flexibility, and high opacity. Ideal for creating durable end-use parts, Tough Carbon Black excels in applications demanding repeated bending and stress, such as snap-fits and electrical connectors. Its superior mechanical properties, coupled with fast print speeds and low viscosity, make it perfect for sectors like medical, defence, and aerospace, enhancing the functionality and reliability of sensors, optic devices, and housings.

As a part of IPFL’s material portfolio, Tough Carbon Black is a testament to our commitment to innovation, offering a competitive edge in manufacturing intricate components with precision and efficiency.

Expanding on the unique properties and applications of Tough Carbon Black, this material stands out in the realm of micro 3D printing for its remarkable balance of strength and flexibility, tailored for demanding environments across medical, defence, and aerospace industries. Its high opacity and durability make it ideal for sensors and optic devices, ensuring components function reliably under stress.

The engineering-grade photocurable resin offers exceptional toughness, making it perfect for critical components like electrical connectors and housings that require robustness and longevity. Furthermore, its low viscosity enhances printability, allowing for rapid production without sacrificing quality.

With capabilities to achieve ultra-fine resolutions and precise tolerances, Tough Carbon Black addresses the challenges of microscale manufacturing, reducing costs and lead times significantly. This advancement underscores IPFL’s commitment to leveraging innovative materials to meet the intricate needs of specialized industries, emphasizing Tough Carbon Black’s role in pushing the boundaries of micro-manufacturing to new heights.



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IPFL has been at the forefront of plastic manufacturing innovation for over 55 years, offering a wide range of services designed to meet the evolving needs of industries across the globe. Committed to excellence and precision, IPFL continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in bespoke plastic part manufacturing.

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