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Good riddance to 2020 but thank you for all you have taught us…

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The Year We Would All Like to Forget

Who would have known that 2020 would have been the year that it was. January only showed a glimmer of the pending pandemic and struggles throughout society, but nobody could have judged the magnitude of what was about to engulf the world.

Healthcare systems were brought to breaking point, likewise for businesses of every kind. Jobs were lost as well as lives, breaking families, hope and belief in the systems that run the world.

Appreciating What We Have

However, let us take a moment to appreciate some positives that these horrible losses and struggles have brought us…

  • Society has been brought together in unity to fight the hate in the world and beat the coronavirus.
  • The NHS and healthcare workers are appreciated for their sacrifices so much more.
  • Many family households have spent so much more time together than they ever usually would.
  • There have been medical breakthroughs accelerated to market faster than any before.
  • Every one of us has been made to appreciate what is good in the world, be thankful for it and strive for more positivity.

                                     SLA microfluidic plate

Pushing Forward and Staying Positive

For all of us at IPF, we are always striving to be positive and work through any struggles that we may face. This past year really gave us an opportunity to put this mindset to work.

In 2020, throughout lockdowns, isolations, and restrictions we realised that adaptation, innovation and advancements were needed to thrive.
We decided to implement a new production management system for streamlined order processing and tracking. Our continued research and development for microfluidic plates with laser welding and diffusion bonding made great breakthroughs. Investment was made into SLA for our 3D printing department and we were lucky enough to get the very first NEO 450s from RPS. Adaptations to our processes have streamlined our customer orders to be more effective, efficient and traceable than ever before.


                Plastic Machining of Parts


We count our blessings that we were not impacted as badly as other industries and grateful that we were still able to produce tens of thousands of small-batch parts using various additive technologies, plus machining and fabrication.

Bring on a prosperous 2021 with more unity, innovation, and advancement.


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