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50 years of Innovation – Press Release 2019

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50 years of innovation at IPF


50 Years makes IPF Ltd a Clear Choice!

In their 50th year of innovation, IPF are showcasing their breakthroughs in Laser Welding applications for manifolds and micro-fluidics, as well as investments into 5-Axis machining for complex shapes and high speed production. They have also invested in an Automated optical measuring system, to improve the speed and accuracy of generating inspection reports.

New for 2019 – 5 Axis CNC, High-Speed Milling, and Laser Welding developments for Manifolds and Micro-fluidics

  • Hurco 5 axis CNC Machine with a trunnion table that rotates +110 degrees, ideal for complex shapes, high-speed production rates, and achieving a smoother surface finish.
  • Fanuc High-speed Milling machine for versatile, precision milling, drilling and tapping of production runs.
  • Keyence measuring system, an automated optical comparator, for instant measuring of parts.
  • Further developments in Laser Welding of Plastic for medical manifolds, and micro-fluidics

3 & 5 Axis Plastic Milling & Cutting


Continued developments in CNC machining, diffusion bonding and fabrication along with extensive high-performance 3D printing for prototypes and production parts, shows IPF as a clear choice for UK based manufacturing.

Perfected over 50 years makes IPF the clear choice for bespoke plastic manufacturing.

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