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HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

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At Industrial Plastic Fabrications Ltd (IPFL), our forte lies in offering a diverse array of manufacturing services, encompassing both advanced 3D printing and precision CNC machining. Our technological arsenal includes Polyjet, SLA, Micro3D, FDM, and HP MJF for 3D printing, complemented by state-of-the-art 3 and 5 axis high-speed CNC machining and versatile fabrication methodologies.

Versatile Industry Applications

Our services cater to a broad spectrum of sectors – electrical, automotive, security, medical science, scientific research, prop manufacture, and aviation, to name a few. This wide customer base is a testament to our ability to adapt and provide tailored solutions to various industry needs.

Technological Innovation and Integration

At the heart of IPFL is our commitment to embracing a wide range of technological solutions. From leveraging the latest in manufacturing automation systems to employing advanced data analytics for supply chain optimization, we continually diversify our technology portfolio. This commitment ensures we stay at the forefront of industry trends, fostering innovation and delivering exceptional service.

Cutting-Edge Technologies at IPFL

Staying current with the latest advancements is key to our operations. By integrating innovative technologies, we offer our clients access to the most effective and efficient manufacturing processes available.
multi material Polyjet anatomical model

Our Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

3D Printing 

  • PolyJet Printing: Offers versatility with a range of materials including bio-compatible, flexible, and transparent resins. Its multi-material capability is ideal for diverse industry applications.
  • SLA (Stereolithography): Known for high resolution, it’s ideal for producing detailed prototypes, models, and production parts with exceptional surface quality and accuracy.
  • Micro3D Printing: Specializes in ultra-small, detailed components, widely used in medical science and microelectronics.
  • FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling): Popular for building objects layer by layer with thermoplastic materials, suitable for prototyping, manufacturing aids, and low-volume production.
  • MJF (Multi Jet Fusion): Developed by HP, this technology is great for creating durable parts with complex geometries due to its fine-grained powder and ultra-thin layering.

diverse range of 3d printing technology in 3d printing micro parts

CNC Machining and Fabrication

  • CNC Machining: Utilizes the latest high-speed 3 and 5 axis milling machines for precision micro machining and complex geometries. Diamond tip machining is employed for immaculate internal and external profiles.
  • CNC Routing: Our high-speed CNC routers are perfect for larger format industrial machining.
  • Plastic CNC Turning: We employ the latest lathe technology for high-quality plastic turned parts.

Continuous investment in these technologies allows us to maintain precision, enhance production efficiency, and deliver top-tier products.

Commitment to Diverse, Advanced Technology

Our diverse range of processes and technologies enables us to meet the specific needs of various industries. Continued investment in these areas ensures optimized manufacturing processes, enhanced product quality, reduced lead times, and superior client solutions, solidifying our position as a leader in bespoke plastic part manufacturing.

sla 3d printing technologyUV Printing


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