Back plastic laser welding in the UK

Plastic Laser Welding Service new for IPF in 2018!

The wait is finally over and our new impressive Laser Welding kit is here, meaning we can now extend our services further into the field of microfluidic plates and manifolds for prototypes.

Custom built for us, our Laser Welding system is designed for medical parts – cleaner, safer, more accurate bonded components with long-term stability, laser welding joins layers of thermoplastics, without additional chemicals or materials.

“IPF are one of the first in the UK to offer this as a service onsite and are excited for the benefits it can offer. “

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Bond strength – For long-term stability
  • Hermetic seals – For the elimination of leaks
  • Precision welding – For the miniaturisation of designs
  • Adjustability and Precision – For tight tolerances
  • Precise control – For consistent and repeatable welds
  • Speed– For short lead times
  • No particulate matter residue – For a more hygienic method of bonding
  • Minimal or no Flash – for a clean, aesthetically pleasing job
  • Flexible manufacturing – for prototypes, small batches and production runs


The above features and benefits apply within a multitude of applications, in several demanding and growing sectors; Aerospace, Automotive, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Food and Beverage, Industrial Products, Paint and Adhesives, and Product Design.

Visit our page for further details or contact us to discuss how it could benefit you.

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