What are Medical Manifolds?

Medical Manifolds or fluidic plates, which are used for scientific analysis and chemical mixing, require complex internal track features which cannot be achieved using conventional methods. IPF make Diffusion Bonded Medical Manifolds and Laser Welded Manifolds to incorporate many different channels for various fluids, pressures and flow rates, into an assembly.

Cast acrylic without the contamination of adhesives or solvents. This also allows for the pre-bonded pieces to contain channels for use in medical and scientific research.


Ideal for the Medical, Bio science and Life sciences industries, where many devices are not only clear/translucent, but also are required to meet strict FDA guidelines, such as Clinical diagnostics, laboratory equipment and other medical devices.

Other industries that benefit from manifolds include Pharmaceutical for drug formulation, drug delivery and drug screening, and Pneumatics for hermetic seals.


  • Diffusion bonded parts can be multi layer and IPF have manufactured up to 100 mm thick.
  • Diffusion bonded components allow ease of assembly, improved reliability and efficiency, within analytical devices.
  • Excellent Bond strength – For long-term stability
  • Hermetic seals – For the elimination of leaks
  • Precision welding – For the miniaturisation of designs
  • Adjustability and Precision – For tight tolerance