What are Microfluidic Manifolds?

Microfluidic manifolds and chips are layers of micro-machined plastic fused together to create microchannels or chambers, for use in analysing tiny amounts of liquid. Measured on a size scale in the range of microns, the microchannels are ideal for analysing cells, germs or nanoparticles.


IPF Ltd machine the microfluidic layers using the latest in high-speed, precision machining technology, that allow for the accurate miniturisation of manifolds and chips. The microfluidics layers are then Diffusion Bonded or Laser Welded together for cleaner, safer, more accurate bonded components with long term stability, free from contamination of adhesives or solvents.

We are heavily experienced in fabricating plastic microfluidics and manifolds for both prototyping and production and can offer design optimisation of your manifold, or microfluidic chip.


Microfluidic manifolds, devices and chips offer many advantages in the Medical, Biological Life Sciences, and food and drinks analysis fields due to their design flexibly, they can provide experiments by housing mixing channels, time delay tracks, flow splitters, optical imaging windows, and reagent storage and introduction.


  • Rapid Micro Analysing
  • Microchannels and chambers
  • Free from contamination of solvents or glues
  • Precision that allows for the miniaturisation of manifolds
  • Flow splitters
  • Optical imaging windows
  • Mixing channels
  • Low cost production microfluidics
  • 3D printing microfluidics prototypes with SLA