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Crafting Excellence in Plastic Manufacturing

Welcome to IPFL, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled expertise in the creation of bespoke plastic products. Our mission is to transform your ideas into high-quality, tangible products, utilizing the latest advancements in plastic manufacturing. With a diverse range of capabilities, we open up a world of innovation for our clients, catering to various industries and specialized needs.

Bespoke Plastic Parts

custom plastic enclosures 3D print uk service

Custom Plastic Enclosures

Plastic enclosures are used everywhere – and IPFL produces custom plastic enclosures and enclosure components for all purposes and specifications, manufactured by…
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Plastic CNC Milling & Cutting of Parts Essex & UK

Jigs & Fixtures

Often interchangeable as terms, jigs and fixtures are manufacturing aids that support a workpiece whilst it is being worked. This can range…
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IPF are manufacturers of plastic lenses, to your specific size and focal length. Curved or conical, they can be machined on our…
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lens Turning

Light Guides

IPF are manufacturers of plastic light guides used for the transportation of light signals through particular route, for precision optical products. IPF…
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Manifold Manufacturers UK


Medical Manifolds or fluidic plates, which are used for scientific analysis and chemical mixing, require complex internal track features which cannot be…
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Plastic Machining UK - Microfluidics


Microfluidic manifolds and chips are layers of micro-machined plastic fused together to create microchannels or chambers, for use in analysing tiny amounts…
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3D Printers Defence and security

Plastic Components

Plastic Component manufacture is an area of expertise at IPF Ltd, we CNC machine plastic enclosures and components to your exact specification…
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custom Batch Plastic fabrication components Production manufacturer

Plastic Part Batch Production

IPFL has had a keen focus on batch produced and bespoke plastic components for over 50 years. During this time we have…
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Phantom Specialists


Imaging Phantoms are medical scientific devices, used to test and calibrate systems and methods for imaging the human body such as; X-Ray,…
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Polyjet 3D Printing Company & Printers

Seals & Gaskets

From both additive manufacturing prototyping and a subtractive production view, IPFL has the facilities to produce your custom seals and gaskets.
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Polyjet 3D Printers Essex & UK

Plastic Prototypes

IPFL have been specialists in plastic prototypes and batch production of bespoke plastic parts for over 52 years.
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Our Range of Custom Plastic Products

IPFL is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of plastic manufacturing services, including but not limited to:

  • Manifolds and Microfluidics: Precision-engineered components essential for scientific and medical applications.
  • Scientific Test Phantoms: Custom-designed for accuracy and reliability in medical and research testing.
  • Prototypes: From concept to creation, we bring your ideas to life with rapid prototyping in a variety of materials.
  • Custom Plastic Enclosures: Tailored solutions for protecting and housing your electronic and mechanical devices.
  • Jigs and Fixtures: Enhancing manufacturing efficiency with custom-designed tools.
  • Optical Components: Including lenses and light guides, crafted for clarity and precision.
  • Batch Production: From small to large scale, we maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency.
  • Seals and Gaskets: Customized for durability and performance in various applications.

Transforming CAD Data into Precision Products

Our process starts with your vision. Using your CAD data, we employ state-of-the-art 3D printing and machining techniques to prototype your design in the material best suited for its application. Our experienced technical team is dedicated to guiding you through material selection and design optimization, ensuring your product not only meets but exceeds expectations.
At IPFL, we don’t just manufacture products; we engineer solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in plastic manufacturing. Connect with us to embark on a journey of innovation and precision, and let us bring your plastic product concepts to life.

Why Choose IPFL for Your Plastic Manufacturing Needs?

Expertise Across Sectors: Our proficiency in creating complex components like microfluidics and manifolds positions us as leaders in plastic manufacturing.
Customization at Its Core: Whether it’s a unique prototype or a high-volume batch production, our focus remains on delivering tailored solutions.
Technical Guidance and Support: From initial consultation to final production, our team is here to assist you every step of the way.