Ventilator Components

Ventilator component manufacturing

UK manufacturers of medical components used in ventilators. Ventilators are pieces of complex medical equipment which mechanically maintains respiratory function via air pressure. Crucial for patients in critical care who are physically unable, or having difficulty, to breathe without assistance. 

Ventilator components can be manufactured using various highly specific techniques, designs and materials. Reusable and disposable designs including 3D printed parts due to the recent manufacturing restrictions caused by Covid-19. The coronavirus sparked urgent requirements for innovative designs which could be rapidly produced and in large quantities. PA12 parts made through Multi Jet Fusion are particularly suited to these requirements.

Ventilators are complex machines that require various components including; pressure generators, patient circuits, sensors, filters, and valves. Fabricated pneumatic manifolds, which are often used for scientific analysis and chemical mixing, require complex internal track features and are often used for ventilator development. Diffusion bonding and laser welding methods are also suited for ventilator components. 


IPF are experts in providing highly specific accurate devices crucial for medical equipment that undergo rigorous regulatory testing and approval. The recent pandemic of Coronavirus has sparked worldwide manufacturing requirements, but in addition to this, ventilators are used through a range of life supporting activities where respiratory issues are prevalent.

Benefits of 3D printed and fabricated ventilator parts

  • Component consolidation and rapid production with 3D printing
  • Diffusion bonded parts can be multi layer and complex
  • Diffusion bonded improve reliability and efficiency
  • Long-term stability
  • Hermetic seals – For the elimination of leaks
  • Miniaturisation of designs
  • Adjustability and Precision
Diffusion Bonding of Medical Manifolds

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