IPF create 3D Parts for Lenovo’s new advert

Sep 12, 2016

The Challenge

Blinkink approached us with a concept to 3D print a miniature Domestic Landscape to feature in a stop-go animation as a new addition to Lenovos “Goodweird” campaign. The ad was for the new Lenovo YOGA Home 900 portable, touchscreen PC. In order to highlight the high-tech computer’s ability to move from room to room without wires, Blinkink wanted to have miniaturized sets flowing between an office to a home and then outside to a garden. IPF would need to 3D print thousands of 3D printed parts, including multiple versions of the sets, to demonstrate the movement from landscape to landscape and hundreds of tiny props like furnishings, desk lamps, a potted cactus, a bottle of wine and even a tiny pair of scissors. With only four weeks to complete the entire job.

IPF were to 3D Print thousands of parts in just one month! Although the concept seemed simple enough, the execution and logistics of the project took some great planning. IPF were on hand to advise on the feasibility of 3D printing thousands of delicate pieces including a miniature house and garden, plus furnishings for the shoot.

Using our team of Stratasys Polyjet printers including a Connex3 500, Objet2 500’s and an Eden350 from Stratasys, The 3D Printers ended up running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for four weeks so that we could hit our deadline.

Problems we faced were not only the sheer volume of parts, but how delicate they were; we were unable to remove the support material on most of the parts using a jet wash due to possible breakage. So we had to pull together a large team of IPF’s dedicated employees, to collaboratively work on the project around the clock to reach our deadline.


The Project/Client:
Lenovo; Goodweird campaign

Production company:
Blinkink and IPF

Advertising Agency:

The Result

“We literally produced thousands of parts over a 4 week period – for this to be done in a traditional model making method would not have met the deadline or produced parts of this quality. The machines and the team performed phenomenally to finish the parts off and get them over to the guys at Blink Ink to make the magic happen.”

Adam Bloomfield, 3D Print Manager at IPF.

The staff at IPF could not have performed better providing an outstanding quality as well as a massive volume of parts.

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Stratasys 3D Printers Helped Lenovo Stop Motion Commercial Come to Life

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