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High Resolution 3D Printing - Ideal for 3D Printing for Medical Devices and Rapid Prototyping

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What is SLA 3D Printing?

SLA 3D printing operates by solidifying liquid photopolymer resin layer by layer using UV light. After completion, the object is rinsed to eliminate excess resin and cured, often involving additional UV exposure, for enhancing the object’s final properties.

SLA’s precision and ability to create intricate, smooth-surfaced objects make it valuable for applications like rapid prototyping, dental models, and artistic designs.

As the first NEO450s service in the UK, this brand-new SLA system at IPFL boasts remarkable surface quality, accuracy and detail for parts in a 450x450x400mm envelope. The exceptional part quality and production speeds can be utilised for product development, prototyping, props, rapid tooling and master patterns. The British engineered machine, coupled with advanced software development, enables the new NEO to create complex geometries and finely detailed parts.

Resin based


SLA build volume blue Build Volume: 450 x 450 x 400 mm
SLA resolution blue Resolution: 80 µm
SLA layer height blue Layer Height: 50 - 100 µm
SLA feature size blue Minimum Feature Size: 0.6 mm
SLA tolerances blue Tolerances: ± 0.1 %
SLA materials blue Materials: Rigid

Why using this technology?

Superior Resolution and Detail - SLA printing captures intricate design details with unparalleled precision.
Consistent Results - SLA technology delivers uniformity and repeatability, ensuring consistent high-quality prints.
Clean and Smooth Finish - SLA printing results in smooth finishes, minimizing the need for extensive post-processing.
Minimal Material Wastage - SLA printing is eco-friendly, using resin efficiently and minimizing material waste.
Fast Prototyping with Accuracy -SLA printers offer fast and precise solutions ideal for dentistry, jewelry, and prototyping.
Broad Application Spectrum - SLA printing is versatile and precise, serving various sectors, including healthcare and art.
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Materials Properties

Temperature Resistance


Our clear SLA material is produced at high resolution in all axis giving an incomparable surface finish straight from the machine.
Temperature Resistant
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