This week at Euromold, Adobe, Stratasys and IPF 3D Printing together introduced a new way to print colour…much more colour than we’ve already experienced!

Over the last few years 3D Printing has had many advancements both in the hardware and in materials we are now able to use, earlier this year IPF invested in the Connex3 from Stratasys a multi-martial Colour 3D printer, which combines a mix of three primary materials; tough Digital ABS mixed with TangoBlackPlus, to represent a variety of Shore A values with great durability. The Connex3 also allowed us to print in a variety 46 colours in a single prototype. Advancements in hardware allowing creative professionals to become fully engaged at the start of the process, resulted in a demand for full colour 3D printing.  The most recent version of Adobe; Photoshop CC includes a 3D component, which can be used for importing your three dimensional design in a number of file formats (STL included), creating 3D models from a variety of 2D tools, and since January 2014 includes the ability to make a 3D printable object.

Adobe have included 3D Printing in Photoshop enabling creative professionals to have the ability to pretty much CTRL + P a 3D Model! This astonishing development has made the creative process of preparing and repairing a 3D model significantly simpler for the user. Once a model is loaded into Photoshop CC, it can then be processed and fixed with the Photoshop 3D printing pipeline and an output file created.  Photoshop CC is able to create the exact file type that the printer requires to correctly build the model and hold any additional information (like colour and textures).

This advancement in hardware has further enhanced the potential of the Connex3 and will ultimately give IPF the ability to print continuous full colour and gradients! Also resulting in further enhancing the ability to 3D print photographs, Sandra Canning sheds light.

Visitors to EuroMold 2014 are being treated to a demonstration of Photoshop’s powerful software where visitors can unwrap the mesh of a sample plane and customise the design to their own liking. This can allow the adding of company logos, textures, and any JPEG image of your choosing, all without the initial restriction of 45 colours. 

Visitors to EuroMold have the opportunity to customise a free STL model plane to their own colour design. with the collaboration between Stratasys, IPF and Adobe, this plane can be printed on the Connex3 and supplied at a later date to the visitor!

Below is a video to demonstrate how a model can be imported into Photoshop CC;

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