So yet again, the NEC in Birmingham was host to hundreds of professionals from the manufacturing industry, exhibiting their innovative technologies. The floor was buzzing with designers, business leaders through to early adopters looking to educate themselves in this exciting industry.

Why do we do it?

IPF exhibit most importantly to do business! Our idea was to demonstrate how through continuous investment in new and improved technologies, we now have even more services to add to our expanding list.

To all of you who came to see us on stand F19 – thanks for visiting, for those who missed it…

To get to the point;

3D Printing

  • Polyjet
  • FDM
  • SLS
  • SLA

As well as;

Machining & Fabrication

  • CNC Machining
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Diffusion Bonding
  • Finishing

Our team were impressed as we managed to fit in time to see some of the fascinating live demonstrations, particularly with Stratasys and their new J750 that allows full colour 3D printing, and HP revealing their Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer.

Stand F19 was pretty busy!

Getting attention on our stand was a 3D Printed Domestic landscape, that featured in a stop-go animated advert, the most recent addition to the Lenovo `Goodweird` campaign to promote their new line of Yoga laptops and smart-books. We displayed one scene to show the quality of the delicate and highly detailed scene printed using Polyjet technology from Stratasys including a Connex3 500, Connex500 and an Eden350. You can read more about how IPF’s 3D Printers ended up running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 4 weeks in our Lenovo Blog.

We also took along examples of printing using our Connex3 500 for medical models (A hand printed in transparent, with colour to show a break), prototyping and design, and even end use parts. Also getting attention were our rainbow chips depicting an array of colours in almost gradient like colour in one print, and an extremely eye-catching spanner displaying finite element analysis (FEA) in a physical representation.

Additionally gaining interest on our stand were our Diffusion Bonded samples fused together at a molecular level, forming a permanent bond, to produce a single Perspex (Acrylic) component without the contamination of adhesives or solvents. Typically used for fluidic plates, medical manifolds, Etc…

Coming up…

IPF look forward to testing their new SLS machine, which will be used for building very robust and economical functional parts. This will be the ideal technology if you require high quality, 3D printed production parts.

Get in touch!

All in all TCT was again a success for IPF, the sheer amount of new technology and materials on display were impressive and IPF have a very wide selection at your disposal, all our processes are carried out in-house with the addition of our 3D printing, Machining and Fabrication team to offer their guidance and expertise.

We know we were incredibly busy, so if you didn’t get a chance to talk to us, or to pick up a sample pack of our new materials, please get in touch!