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What is SLS 3D Printing?

SLS 3D Printing is a genius additive manufacturing technique, that uses a laser to sinter powdered Nylon creating parts that are flexible, strong and of the highest quality.

If it’s complex functional plastic parts you need, we can produce them with fewer assembly components, giving you even more design-driven capability at a higher productivity rate.

Is SLS 3D Printing for you?

The advantage of using Industrial 3D Printing is the possibility of building complex functional geometries, as well as sustaining a fast and iterative hardware development. Additive Manufacturing provides highly complex structures which are also extremely light and stable. Allows design freedom, optimisation and integration of functional parts, and the manufacture of small batch sizes at economical  costs.

The biocompatibility of the powdered Nylon allows its use for Prosthesis, and the high abrasion resistance makes it ideal for the realisation of movable parts connections. Due to the outstanding mechanical strength, it is often used to substitute injection moulding plastics.

Build size?

IPF have invested in the EOS (The global technology and quality leader for high-end Additive Manufacturing (AM) solutions) SLS 3D Printing system to be able to offer our clients functional prototypes at a medium build range, with total build size of 320 x 320 x 600 mm, this highly productive system 3D prints serial components, spare parts, functional prototypes and models directly from CAD data.

Parts printed using 120 micon layer thickness balances the production costs, mechanical properties, surface quality and accuracy.

Finishing options?

We pride ourselves in having highly skilled and experienced 3D Print technicians, who clean and prepare parts. However, sometimes SLS 3D Printed parts can be left with a slight powder residue (That’s just the way the technology works!) and to many of our customers, this is not a problem, but if your looking for a cleaner, polished or painted finish – please discuss with us; we can do this too!

In summary

IPF’s SLS service gives you:

  • Highly detailed parts
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Bio compatible parts (Prosthesis)
  • Fully functional prototypes
  • Various finishing possibilities
  • High production at low cost