3D Printing Service Provider

Test your designs by 3D printing them with IPF, we have invested in the latest 3D printing technology, to bring you revolutionary Rapid Prototyping Services. IPF’s in-house technologies include Stratasys Connex and Connex3, Eden350V and the FDM Fortus.

With superb accuracy and resolution, IPF 3D printing can open up amazing new opportunities, bringing you closer to realising your final product at an early stage. Our plastic rapid prototyping services include feasibility testing, over-moulding replication and can be produced in a range of colours and durable materials that enable snap fit and functional applications.


PolyJet technology 3D prints in the widest variety of materials, so you can create ergonomic tooling, realistic prototypes. Models are precisely printed in layers as fine as 16 microns for smooth surfaces and complex geometries. Material properties range from rubber to rigid, transparent to opaque, neutral to vibrantly coloured and standard to biocompatible.


FDM Technology builds parts in the same strong, stable plastics used in injection molding, CNC machining and other traditional manufacturing processes. FDM offers good geometric accuracy, durability, stability and strength, for concept models, functional prototypes, end use parts and manufacturing tools.


Our HP multi-jet fusion uses multi-purpose thermoplastics, suitable for higher productivity rapid prototyping and short-run manufacturing needs. Produce functional production parts with enhanced properties at a lower cost, black or white in a fraction of the time.


SLA service 3d prints parts that deliver the highest-quality astonishing detail, without sacrificing durability and toughness. Create laser-sharp functional prints, with stunning surface finish engineered for precision and reliability. Solid parts with small intricate details.

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