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Defence and Security

Defence and Security
Precision Plastic Manufacturing

Rapid prototypes and full-scale manufacture
All manufacturing processes are in house
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Advanced Machining and 3D Printing for Mission-Critical Components

At IPFL, we understand the uncompromising demands of the defence and security sectors. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the bespoke plastic components we produce, ensuring every piece contributes to the reliability and effectiveness necessary for mission success.
IPFL understand that your products often need to be robust and secure for demanding applications.

With our long-standing expertise in the defence and security industry, we utilise the full capabilities of our in-house production with top performing materials to provide components and products that can thrive in your application.

By utilising high-performing thermoplastics such as PEEK, Ultem and polycarbonate, IPFL have consistently achieved the best results and produced top-quality parts. Whether the application requires 3D printing, machining or fabrication, the team at IPFL can guide you through the capabilities and restrictions of the technologies on hand, as well as help you decide on which material is going to be the ultimate performer in your given field.

IPFL have worked with all sectors of the defence and security industry since the company’s inception in 1969. Your product and components will be in the safe and secure production hands of a leading and long-standing UK manufacturer.

Strategic Manufacturing for Defence and Security Needs

High-Specification Components: Our manufacturing capabilities are geared to meet stringent defence standards, delivering parts that perform in the most challenging environments.
Tailored Solutions for Sensitive Applications: From rugged casings to intricate fittings, we provide custom plastic parts designed for confidentiality and precision in security applications.
Rapid Response for Urgent Requirements: We stand ready to support defence and security operations with quick-turnaround manufacturing for when time is of the essence.

Our Defence and Security Manufacturing Services

3D Printing for Design Versatility: Our state-of-the-art 3D printing services allow for the creation of complex, lightweight, and strong components suitable for a range of defence applications.
Precision Plastic Machining for Endurance: We produce durable, precision-engineered parts that can withstand the rigours of use in the field, from components for military vehicles to security devices.
Prototyping for Confidential Projects: Our rapid prototyping services facilitate the development of confidential and secure components, with a commitment to discretion and security at every step.

Commitment to Supporting National Interests

IPFL is dedicated to the defence and security sectors, providing manufacturing solutions that agencies and contractors can rely on. Our in-depth understanding of the operational needs and challenges ensures we deliver parts that help protect national interests and personnel.

Partner with IPFL for Defence and Security Excellence

Equip your operations with the highest quality plastic components in the defence and security industry. IPFL is your trusted partner, ready to meet the exacting demands of your mission-critical applications.