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CNC Turning

CNC Machined Plastic

Rapid prototypes and full-scale manufacture
All manufacturing processes are in house
Using the largest range of plastic materials
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Our skilled team combines traditional expertise with modern technologies to create high-quality plastic components tailored to your specific needs.
We partner with diverse industries, including medical, automotive, and entertainment, providing critical machined components for various sectors.
We engage in one-on-one customer collaboration, becoming an integral part of your team. Your vision and needs are our top priority, and we bring personalized attention to every project.

Precision Plastic CNC Machining Experts

At IPFL, we’re ready to tackle challenges and exceed expectations with precision-engineered plastic components. Let us be the craftsmen behind your next innovation.

With over 50 years of experience, expertise and knowledge in plastic machining, IPFL is your perfect partner in the complete design and development of high-quality, precision-cut plastic components.

Our clients have access to the best and most comprehensive range of CNC machined plastic technologies to ensure that the perfect solution is found according to meticulous individual specifications.

Our Essex-based manufacturing facilities house the latest CNC machined plastic technology that produces the premium results that our clients can expect. The company has invested significantly in the latest CNC plastic milling machine technology, CNC diamond cutting machine technology, and plastic CNC turning technology.

As well as ensuring we have the latest technology, IPFL is also committed to maintaining those same high standards in the selection of CNC machining materials. Our knowledge and experience allow us to work closely with our clients, assessing needs and recommending the perfect materials for the job.