Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping really can be rapid!

It is far from irregular at IPF ltd that our clients have a rush job that just must meet the deadline. In these instances, we can pull out all the plugs and beat even our own, already super speedy, lead times. Our customers regularly trust us to turn things around fast, and still provide outstanding quality parts.
 The IPF ltd rapid prototyping service has been utilised by our clients since 2003 when we first adopted 3D printing. Gone is the era when you must wait weeks or months for your components.

Many an occasion have IPF ltd been able to have parts produced and collected within 24 hours! Additive manufacturing has enabled development of products from all industries to be produced much quicker which means the development cycle and time-to-market is reduced. This also reduces development costs hugely!

Whether your product requires a specialist FDM material, must be batch production ready with our HP MJF technology, needs outstanding surface quality from our SLA printing or needs multi-material flexible overmould simulations with our Polyjet 3D printing; IPF ltd have the solution for you.
 Now is your opportunity to use the IPF ltd rapid prototyping and 3d printing services to bring your product to life.

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