Plastic Machining and Fabricators UK

Plastic Fabrication

IPFL Plastic Machining & Fabrication service provides quality plastic components to your exact specification. We use various processes with the latest technologies to manufacture your plastic parts as a perfect solution for all your plastic Machining and Fabrication needs.

Anyone who is looking for quality plastic components can bring their vision and their requirements to our fabrication division – where the team’s creativity and technology will bring it into reality.

IPFL’s plastic fabrication service offers the latest refinements in tried and tested techniques. We are experts in bonding plastics – with solvents and cements for invisible joins and high-strength bonds, UV adhesion for a fast, easy and waste-free solution, or with diffusion procedures that are perfect for medical manifolds and light guides.

And if your project is the shape of things to come, we at IPFL have plenty of ways to help your prototypes take shape ahead of production. Vacuum forming, drape forming, blow forming and line bending – we are able to factor these processes into your project to make you the perfect parts. We also have the last word in finishing techniques, from UV printing to laser engraving.

Whatever your industry, or the size of your batch, whether you are established in your field or an entrepreneur-to-be, we will work with you as part of your team and give you all the guidance you need to achieve the success you aspire to.