Vacuum Forming Specialists


Plastic Forming

Forming of Plastic parts is the process of heating to mould the part into a specfc shape. IPFL use vacuum & drape forming, blowing, pressing and line bending techniques, providing a wide variety of parts with a minimum of tooling costs.

Vacuum Forming

Also known as thermoforming, is the process of heating an acrylic sheet to a set temperature, then placing over a mold for it to be drawn through with a vacuum, allowing the sheet to take shape, then slowly cooled, and released, set in the shape required.

Drape Forming

IPFL offer this process of heating acrylic to forming temperature, and draping over a cold mold to take its shape.

Line Bending

A method of forming a sharp bend in plastic sheet. The radius of the bend can be controlled by adjusting the width of the heated area.

Used in a variety of applications, this deceptively versatile process creates parts for many numbers of applications, from covers and housings to more complex fabrications, IPFL has been creating products through line bending for 50 years.

Blow Forming & Pressing

Clamping heated acrylic sheet onto a mold and applying compressed air. This method can be reversed by drawing the sheet into a chamber using vacuum pressure