Custom Plastic Part Batch Production

Custom batch production with IPF Ltd

IPF have had a keen focus on batch produced and bespoke products for over 50 years.

Whether we’re dealing with fabricated, formed, turned or machined components, IPF strive to produce the highest-quality items to specifications dictated by our valued clients. With a choice of traditional fabrication methods, the latest CNC machining techniques and up-to-the-minute 3D printing technology, we cater to a wide variety of applications and industries for all and any requirements. And all our parts are made from high-quality and sturdy materials, from the acrylics and acetals in the fabrication side to the variety of resins, powders and filaments used in our 3D printing studio.

Custom Plastic Parts

IPF are best known for our high-quality batch production work, as well as prototyping and bespoke pieces. We’ve honed our skills and equipment over decades so that we can provide the highest quality. And it goes without saying that our highly-experienced team also offers the best knowledge available as well as sensible, friendly service that is tailored to each client’s requirements.

How we can help you

  • High-quality parts made to the client’s specifications
  • Personal attention and troubleshooting from day one – we are part of your project team
  • UK based production and advisors
  • Versatile production capabilities – this applies to the team, the workshops and the kit
  • Materials sourcing
  • Streamlined and safe post-processing and packing facilities
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Over 50 years of experience in plastics production heritage

IPF is a one-stop shop for your prototyping and batch production projects.

Need advice?

Call 01992 893231 for friendly and experienced help.

Need a Quotation?

All parts are quoted to client specification by a person, not an algorithm and are generally provided in under 24 hours.

To help us help you, please send preferably a step file along with a PDF detailing, sizes, tolerances, materials, and finishes required, plus detail any features that need particular attention.

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