Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs & Fixtures

What are Jigs & Fixtures?

Often interchangeable as terms, jigs and fixtures are manufacturing aids that support a workpiece whilst it is being worked. This can range from drilling, thread tapping, shaping, forming, painting, machining and especially assembly work.

Utilising mounting, securing or holding systems can be incredibly advantageous for use in production situations. Complex geometries can be held with ease and tasks performed with accuracy and efficiency. This can make a carefully engineered jig or fixture incredibly valuable to the user.

By use of jigs and fixtures, you can ensure repeatability and accuracy in the manufacture of your products.

With the combined use of traditional machining and fabrication techniques as well as the latest 3D printing technologies, IPFL produce secure, reliable work aids for our clients.

Advantages of jigs & fixtures

  • Support workpieces
  • Production repeatability
  • Efficient assembly
  • Secure mounting
  • Mounting complex geometries
  • Accurate task execution

Methods of producing jigs and fixtures?

  • High resolution and accuracy SLA 3D printing
  • Robust MJF 3D printing
  • Multimaterial Polyjet 3D printing
  • Specialist material FDM 3D printing
  • 5 axis CNC milling
  • High speed CNC routing
  • Laser cut profiles

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Need a Quotation?

All parts are quoted to client specification by a person, not an algorithm and are generally provided in under 24 hours.

To help us help you, please send preferably a step file along with a PDF detailing, sizes, tolerances, materials, and finishes required, plus detail any features that need particular attention.