Plastic Lenses

Plastic Machined Lenses 

IPF machine bespoke Plastic Lenses, to your specific size and focal length. Curved or conical, they can be machined on our CNC lathe, CNC machined or Diamond tip machined, each process offering different surface finish qualities, depending on your requirements. 

The lenses are then put through through heat treatment, as this removes any imperfections and improves the accuracy of vision. The lenses are then finished to your specification by means of polishing, bead blasting, or protective varnishing.


Plastic Lenses are lighter in weight than glass lenses, making them ideal for use in hand held products, they also have extremely good resistance to damage through impact. Making them ideal for use in industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Scientific.


  • When purchased in large quantities or sets, Plastic Lenses are a lower cost than glass.
  • Lighter in weight than glass lenses
  • Good resistance to damage through impact
  • Good Accuracy of vision
Acrylic perspex machining materials Turning of a lens using a lathe IPF LTD

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