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Plastic Prototypes

Plastic Prototypes

Rapid prototypes and full-scale manufacture
All manufacturing processes are in house
Using the largest range of plastic materials
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Innovative Plastic Prototyping by IPFL

IPFL has been a leader in plastic prototypes and batch production of bespoke plastic parts for over 52 years. Since 2003, we have been diversifying our 3D printing capabilities, complementing the advanced skills of our machining and fabrication department. This combination not only enhances our clients’ product value and time to market but also helps in avoiding production errors.

Processes and Finishing Techniques

Diverse Subtractive Processes: Including CNC milling & routing, forming, and laser cutting,.
Ancillary Processes for Finishing: We add essential finishing touches such as painting, UV printing, threaded inserts, and special purpose coatings like RFI shielding, anti-static, and anti-viral treatments.
Versatile Additive Processes: IPFL are committed to a wide range of 3D printing techniques and materials to ensure we have the best process available for you application.
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What are the benefits of Product Prototyping?

    • Accelerated Time to Market: Speed up the introduction of your product into the market.
    • Design Analysis and Aesthetic Examination: Allows for comprehensive analysis of design and aesthetics.
    • Proof of Concept: Validate the feasibility of your design ideas.
    • Quick Iteration Changes: Especially beneficial with 3D printing for rapid design modifications.
    • Functional Testing: Assess and enhance the functionality of your prototypes before mass production.

    Why Choose IPFL for Plastic Prototyping?
    At IPFL, we understand the critical role of prototypes in the product development process. Our experience, combined with a wide array of manufacturing capabilities, ensures that your plastic prototypes are not just accurately made but also provide valuable insights for design improvement and functionality testing.

    Development Cycle and Prototyping Process
    Every product, component, or assembly undergoes a unique development cycle, from concept to design iteration, physical proofing, and testing, leading to production. Utilizing plastic prototypes in your product development process provides invaluable insight into the real-world requirements of your product.


    Whether you are in the early stages of concept development or ready for functional testing, IPFL’s prototyping services are designed to bring your ideas to life with precision and efficiency.