Diffusion Bonding of Acrylic

What is Diffusion Bonding of acrylic?

Diffusion Bonding is the process of fusing acrylic together to achieve clear, strong joints in cast acrylic without the contamination of adhesives or solvents. This also allows for the pre-bonded pieces to contain channels for use in medical and scientific research.

The process fuses layers of pre-machined plastic components at a molecular level, forming a permanent bond, to produce a single Perspex (Acrylic) component typically for fluidic plates, medical manifolds, high class pen blanks, medical diagnostic imaging and light guides.

What are the benefits of Plastic Bonding?

  • High quality joints that withstand heat treatment, machining, and polishing
  • High precision components with complex internal shapes
  • No contamination from the bonding process
  • The materials endure no, or very little plastic deformation
  • Diffusion bonded parts can be multilayer and IPF have manufactured up to 100mm thick.
  • Medical Manifolds or fluidic plates, which are used for scientific analysis and chemical mixing, require complex internal track features which cannot be achieved using conventional methods.
  • Diffusion bonded components allow ease of assembly, improved reliability and efficiency, within analytical devices.

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