Plastic Diamond machining

Diamond Machining

Plastic Diamond Machining

Diamond Tip Machining the superior alternative to flame or buff polishing acrylic.

Internal and external profiles whether they are straight or curved, can be polished using diamond tooling set within our top of the range high speed milling machines and lathes. Details such as holes, chamfers, rebates and pockets can all be polished with consistent crisp results.

The technology enables IPFL to machine polish acrylic with superb accuracy and sparkling finish. Diamond polishing of acrylic is carried out in a fast, cost effective manner, producing accurate and attractive parts without the detrimental effects of flame polishing.


Machine polishing allied to our traditional and CNC machining, plus laser cutting and digital printing of plastic sheet, makes IPFL a one stop shop for a wide range of parts including light guides, prisms, sight glasses, instrument-panels and display windows etc.


  • Superior to flame or buff polishing
  • Internal profiles can be polished
  • Superb accuracy
  • Fast and cost effective